Remember the Salvation Army’s bell ringers

by British Columbia
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A story as shared in The Vancouver Sun’s Editorial section:

On Tuesday as I was shopping, I ran into a Salvation Army bell ringer, collecting for the less fortunate.  He looked cold, so I asked him if he would like a coffee.  He was so appreciative, saying he couldn’t leave his post.  When I got to McDonald’s to order his coffee, I thought he was probably hungry too, so bought him a big hamburger and fries to go with his coffee.  When I brought it back to him, he was so grateful, saying he was starving.  If more people could think of doing a small act of kindness such as this, it would make the bell ringers’ lives a little easier.  They are doing such a good job for the less fortunate, isn’t it nice that we can do this little bit for them?

Larry Battle