See what’s cooking in Kate’s Kitchen

by British Columbia
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When you first find yourself in Kate’s Kitchen, located in Trail, B.C., you may think you’ve wandered into a unique local neighbourhood eatery. “We’re set up like a restaurant,” says Manager Linda Radtke. “We serve on real china, we have placemats and flowers on our tables, framed photos on the wall, and the food is fresh and not something out of a can. Actually, this is one of the nicest restaurants in Trail!”

Kate’s Kitchen opened in 1993 when The Salvation Army purchased a building for use as a food bank and soup kitchen.  Named after Salvation Army co-founder Catherine Booth, Kate’s caters mostly to those in the community with low incomes, “but everybody’s welcome,” stresses Radtke. “Seniors come in, we have people on welfare, the lonely come in. When we have our Thursday suppers, we get homeless youth with nowhere to go. Beyond feeding them a meal, we try to lift their spirits. That’s what we’re here for.”

When Radtke arrived at Kate’s Kitchen, she was determined to make a difference in her community.  Every meal served is made from scratch by Kate’s volunteers, you can find everything on the menu, from soup and sandwiches to casseroles, lasagna, cabbage rolls and macaroni and cheese … you can find it all at Kate’s!

Upon entering and sitting down at a table at this unique and special spot, one definitely feels like they’ve just pulled up a chair at a friend’s kitchen …