Your Support Sows New Crops in Malawi

Kewa and Fumwe walking through corn field
by The Salvation Army in Canada

Persistent droughts, crop and livestock diseases, and increased soil erosion in Malawi have led to widespread food insecurity throughout Malawi. Farming is one of the primary sources of income in this African nation. But now, more and more farmers are suffering from smaller herd sizes and poor harvests.

Now, your support is helping to train more than 500 farmers across Malawi to boost their soil fertility and increase food production, leading to double or even triple the size of their regular harvests. Through this 3-year Food Security project, farmers who receive training will then pass their knowledge to other farmers in their communities.

Thanks to the training Yona received, he was not only able to grow enough food for his family, he sold his surplus and earned enough money to start a grocery business. He is even planning to cultivate more plots of land next year. “The sustainable agriculture training we provide farmers not only helps them grow enough food for their families, but also to invest in future crops, children’s education, health, and family well-being,” says Manjita Biswas, Program Director of Overseas Projects in the World Missions department. “As a global community, your support is crucial for the success of this project.”

This project is in partnership with The Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and donations are matched 1:1. Your generosity and support will multiply and contribute to a world without hunger.