Your Support Sows New Crops in Liberia

man in field with crops in liberia
by The Salvation Army in Canada

Farmers in Liberia are learning new techniques to increase the size of their harvests—thanks to you!

A new agriculture project is giving hope to more than 200 small-scale farmers in Cotton Tree and Mount Barclay communities that are facing severe food insecurity due to increasing food prices and inflation.


Because of you, the three-year Sustainable Agriculture in Liberia project is providing the farmers with agriculture training to enhance farming skills and food production. Farmers also receive seed packages, training in seed selection, soil preparation, sowing, pest control, harvesting methods, crop storage, and demonstration plots in the community where they can learn sustainable farming methods.


In addition, The Salvation Army—with your support—is also partnering with the local government health sector to address malnutrition by training people how to maintain a balanced diet. This will ensure the project has a sustainable and long-lasting impact in the community.


“Food insecurity is a daily issue for many around the globe,” says Lt-Colonel Brenda Murray. “The Salvation Army continues to help individuals and communities access food through agricultural production, training, and feeding programs.”