When Tragedy Struck Twice

Denise Hynes (left) displays her art alongside Salvation Army worker, Jane Ash
by SalvationArmy.ca

In years past, Denise Hynes was on the receiving end of The Salvation Army’s assistance in Corner Brook, N.L. Today she is a successful business owner giving back to the one organization who gave her hope when the unexpected happened.

“It was an extreme cold weather day and our house pipes burst,” says Denise. “Flooding started in the attic. Gyprock fell off walls. In our newly renovated basement, water was a foot deep. It looked like a bomb had struck our home.”

Denise and her family of four lost everything except for some children’s toys and a few photo albums.

“The Salvation Army eased a lot of our anxiety,” says Denise. “We were so grateful.”

“We were devastated,” says Denise. “It was six months before restoration was complete and the family could move home. Meanwhile, I contacted The Salvation Army for help.”

When Denise walked into The Salvation Army she was overwhelmed by the assistance offered to her.

“From sweaters to coats to boots and school supplies, The Salvation Army eased a lot of our anxiety,” says Denise. “We were so grateful.”

Then Denise’s marriage broke down.

“I was between work contracts, was in deep debt and struggled to feed my three boys,” says Denise. “My children would go to the cupboard for snacks and there were none. Many times I went hungry so my children would have food.”

It was Christmastime when Denise reached out to The Salvation Army.

“I couldn’t afford gifts or a turkey dinner,” says Denise. “The Salvation Army provided toys for my children, a food hamper and a gift card that allowed us to purchase all the fixings for a turkey dinner.”

Denise has since gotten back on her feet, owns an art studio, and gives back to The Salvation Army in appreciation for the help she received when she needed it most. At Christmas she has provided gift cards suitable for teens, buys new clothes for The Salvation Army to distribute year-round and teaches art to single moms who attend a Salvation Army support group.

“The Salvation Army gave me hope,” says Denise. “I want to be part of giving that hope to others.”