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Salvation Army war services and canteens for troops
by SalvationArmy.ca
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On Remembrance Day, what will you and your family remember?

Remembrance Day began in response to the terrible death toll of the First World War. Today, it is as much a tribute to those currently serving in uniform as it is to those who have lost their lives in combat.

Every Remembrance Day, The Salvation Army, along with hundreds of Canadians honours and remembers those who have served, and continue to serve, during times of war, conflict and peace.

On November 11, at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, and at cenotaphs and war memorials across the country, Salvation Army members and leaders lay wreaths in remembrance of the sacrifices Canadians made to protect our security and freedom.

Salvation Army war services and mobile canteens for troopsDuring both world wars and throughout the Cold War, The Salvation Army provided Canadian military personnel overseas and in Canada with comforts such as hot drinks and snacks and established leave centres for rest and recreation. In Canada, our most visible wartime effort was assisting repatriated soldiers in the post war years.

The Salvation Army has also provided shelter for homeless veterans and advocated for those affected by PTSD. Small Christmas gifts, such as socks, were sent to Canadian Forces personnel overseas and throughout the year, cards and emails were written to personnel overseas and at home.

With no end in sight to armed conflicts, The Salvation Army will continue to bring hope to the outstanding veterans and service members who continue to make sacrifices to secure our peace and freedom.