Volunteering Warms My Heart

A smiling Stu Bradley mans a Salvation Army kettle in Cochrane, AB
by SalvationArmy.ca
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Stu Bradley, 82, is gearing up to volunteer at The Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle in Cochrane, Alta. He says the experience is rewarding, the response to the fundraising campaign is heart-warming, and shares his reflections on last year’s memories that helped to fill the kettle.  

“After putting in a four-hour shift at a local grocery store in support of The Salvation Army I came away with some profound feelings about our community, its people and how they supported The Salvation Army’s urgent need,” says Stu.

“Ringing the bells at the kettle gave me an overview of the people in my community who donate to The Salvation Army.

“Yes, many accepted the cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting and merrily passed by. But there was the gentleman who donated a crisp $50 bill out of his wallet. And the lady who went all the way back to her car in the parking lot to gather a donation. Then the grey-haired lady who stopped by to relate how her dad had come back from the Second World War with stories of how The Salvation Army did so much for him during that time of horror.  

“On my way to the kettle I stopped for coffee and was shocked by what I heard from a gentleman who went to a seniors’ home to see what help might be needed. He was shaken to see an empty fridge.Then he went to the cupboard to find empty shelves. My hope was that my kettle donations would help to fill the shelves of that senior.

“The Salvation Army kettle is a place to hear so many stories of people who appreciate the services of The Salvation Army and the extent of kindness offered to them.

“When I arrived at my post, my kettle was empty. By the end of my shift the community had filled it with hope. What a great way to share our good fortune.”

To volunteer with The Salvation Army, visit https://salvationarmy.ca/volunteer/volunteer-application/. You will have an immense impact on the amount of life-changing support we are able to give to your community.  

Photo credit: Riley Cassidy