Victims of Crash Thank Salvation Army Volunteers

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DURHAM — Lakeridge Health hospital officials confirm that only one victim from Friday’s massive pileup on Hwy. 401 in Clarington remains in their care. A total of 10 victims were treated at hospital as a result of the horrific crash.

Victims of the crash thanked Salvation Army volunteers for the hot drinks and food they had assembled at the community centre. At one point The Salvation Army sent a van to the crash scene to deliver drinks to stranded motorists.

Two of those volunteers were Nancy and Kevin Thompson with The Salvation Army of Bowmanville-Oshawa. “We had sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and someone just made a Timmy’s run,” said Mrs.Thompson. They were prepared to stay at the centre all night if needed.

Acting Staff Sergeant Carlos Goncalves, Whitby OPP, said the number of vehicles and people involved, combined with the snow and cold, made moving the victims to somewhere warm and safe the top priority.

He praised the volunteers who helped make a difficult situation easier for everyone.

Victims were understandably frustrated, he said, but with the arrival of Salvation Army volunteers people began to relax.

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