Vehicle Gives Hope to Many in Liberia

by The Salvation Army in Canada

The Salvation Army in Liberia was struggling. “Without an adequate vehicle, it was quite difficult for the team to get into the field in a timely fashion,” says Lt. Col. Brenda Murray, Director of International Development.


“Many days, we couldn’t monitor or supervise ongoing projects because of increased transportation fare and poor road conditions,” says Major Abraham Collins, Projects Officer at The Salvation Army in Liberia. They required a vehicle that was durable and could tackle rough terrain.


Thanks to the generous support of donors in Canada, The Salvation Army in Liberia was able to purchase a new vehicle, which is now helping them advance their mission and reach more people. “It makes such a difference,” Major Abraham says. “It’s safe. It’s roadworthy. We feel protected when we go out, and it’s got seat belts. We made sure that it’s a good vehicle so that everyone is protected and safe.”


Most importantly, it’s about serving the people of Liberia. “We’re talking about hope,” Lt. Col. Brenda says. “When you come in during a disaster and people know you’re there to help, it’s the essence of hope—and without the tools and the resources, like this vehicle, that can’t happen. So, a vehicle might not seem like a big thing, but it makes a huge difference on the ground.”