True or False? Homelessness affects very few Canadians

by Salvation Army
Categories: Feature

This year, through a series of true and false questions, The Salvation Army is releasing data to illustrate the public’s perception on homelessness and poverty. By releasing this data, our goal is to illustrate the realities, and lay to rest some commonly-held misconceptions, about homelessness and poverty. Ultimately, we hope this information will help the public understand why extreme homelessness and poverty persist.

The answer to the question can be found below.

Homelessness and poverty are two of the most critical social issues impacting millions of Canadians today. For many, severe homelessness and poverty can become a vicious cycle that devastates lives. The Salvation Army believes that poverty shouldn’t be a life sentence.

Read the full Poverty Shouldn’t be a Life Sentence Report below or download a copy.

The answer is False: Approximately one in nine Canadian adults, close to 3 million people, said that they have experienced homelessness or come close to experiencing homelessness, in their life; In some parts of the country, the figure is closer to one in five.