Thrift Shop Day Thrifting Tips for your Next Thrift Store Visit

Clothing selection at a thrift store
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Thrift stores are wonderful places, so it’s not surprising that they have their own special holiday. Thrift Shop Day is celebrated annually on August 17th to celebrate all the joys and befits of thrifting. Not only can you find high-quality pieces at discounted prices, buying pre-loved items also extends the lifecycle of usable goods to prevent them from ending up in local landfills. In addition, non-profit shops such as The Salvation Army Thrift Store help support local community programs and services.

This Thrift Shop Day, make the most out of your thrift trip with these four tips:

  1. Plan your visit

If you’re new to the art of thrifting, your first visit can feel overwhelming. Unless you are looking for a whole new wardrobe, make a list of what specific pieces you are looking for. Browsing Pinterest or other social media sites for outfits that reflect your personal style can provide a quick reference guide while shopping.

  1. Look for natural materials

High-quality clothes hold up better than cheaper fabrics, and your local Thrift Store is filled with them. Natural fibers look best in the long run, even if they come with a slightly higher price tag. Look for cotton, linen, and leather, and avoid picking out too many items made from polyester, nylon, or pleather, as these materials can wear out quicker.

  1. Check different sections and sizes

Due to the unique offering of a thrift store and the many different clothing brands spanning multiple eras, you might just find exactly what you are looking for in an area you would normally pass by. Clothing sizes are much different now than they were 50 years ago, and even modern clothing can fit very differently from brand to brand. Expand your search beyond whichever section and size you normally shop to find gems that would otherwise stay hidden.

  1. Donate what you no longer need

Audit your closet, garage, and basement before you go shopping and donate anything that you haven’t worn in the past four months. Not only will this free up space for new pieces, it gives your old items a second chance at life! Plus, when you donate to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store you receive a coupon to save 20% off your next purchase.

Celebrate Thrift Shop Day at your local Thrift Store to score fab finds at great prices, while supporting your community and your planet. Learn more at