This Thanksgiving Help Feed the Hungry

Debbie (left) receives food from Salvation Army worker, Jennifer Hibbs (right)
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Debbie Noble is one of thousands of Canadians who, this thanksgiving, will struggle to have a thanksgiving dinner―because she can’t afford it.

“I struggle with hunger. The Salvation Army’s food bank helps us get through.”

“I struggle with hunger,” says Debbie who is one of a growing number of grandparents’ caregiving for her grandchildren. “The Salvation Army’s food bank helps us get through.”

With more than 850,000 Canadians relying on food banks each month, the demand remains high. Unfortunately, there are food banks that struggle to raise enough food and funds to assist the people they serve.

“I’m helping to raise my three grandchildren, ages 18 months to eight,” says Debbie. “Money is tight and at times I go to bed hungry so I can feed the children.”

The food items Debbie receives from The Salvation Army’s Lakeshore Community Church in Etobicoke, Ont., eases her stress.

“When I’m at the food bank I leave worry at the door.”

“When I’m at the food bank I leave worry at the door,” says Debbie. “I’m glad there are good people such as The Salvation Army in the world who help when you need it.”

The Salvation Army operates in more than 400 communities across Canada and our food banks need help to keep pace with the growing need for services. This Thanksgiving, contact your local food bank, get involved and learn about hunger in your community. You can help struggling families across the country.