The Voices of Donors

A Salvation Army EDS worker and a crying woman embracing each other
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What inspires people to donate to The Salvation Army? The Salvation Army recently connected with donors and uncovered some amazing stories about their giving history. Here is what they had to say:


“Years ago, when we had a fire in our apartment, we didn’t have a place to stay. The Salvation Army provided us with shelter and food. I will never forget that because it’s a good memory. You were present during the time of our need and we are forever grateful and will support you anytime.”


“I remember when we were growing up my father always talked about WW II and that The Salvation Army was always there. Years later, I had financial struggles and asked The Salvation Army for help. The staff member was friendly and helped accommodate my family’s needs. So when I got my first paycheck, I came back and gave a donation. I shared this personal experience to my children and they donate now.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to raise your children to understand that when you see people that don’t have anything―begging―there’s a fine line between them and what could happen to you.”


“A few years ago, I was in dire need. I had children to support and didn’t get enough money to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. The Salvation Army was the only organization that provided all our needs. That why I always put money in the kettle to support the work of The Salvation Army and hopefully I get a chance to volunteer with them when I retire.”


“My mom had a stroke and eventually ended up in the William Booth Special Care Home. She received excellent palliative care and support from The Salvation Army’s staff. Ever since then I have donated to The Salvation Army to pay back the good deeds they did. Their compassion, accommodating gestures and warm personality helped my mom’s quick recovery.”

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