The Power of Partnerships

Lt. Derek Kerr receives PPE donation for food bank staff and volunteers

“We are living in very challenging times,” says Lieutenant Derek Kerr of the Salvations Army’s Suncoast Citadel in Goderich, Ont. “With the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Canadians now more than ever need The Salvation Army. Without the support of our partners and friends we would not be able to continue reaching out to those most vulnerable.”

One of the most successful partnerships The Salvation Army in Goderich has is with Bruce Power, Canada’s only private sector nuclear generator, annually producing 30 per cent of Ontario’s power.

“Canadians now more than ever need The Salvation Army”

“We understand these are extraordinary times, and extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts,” says Mike Rencheck, president and CEO. “We must all work together on the prevention and management of COVID-19 to get through this.”

Bruce Power has distributed $300,000 to local foods banks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for food bank staff and volunteers. The Salvation Army’s food banks in both Goderich and Clinton received $14,000 of Bruce Power’s allocated funds for food banks.

“With partners and friends such as Bruce Power we will get through this—together”

“We are truly grateful for the support of all of our corporate partners who are not only being socially responsible but are committed to improving the quality of life for the communities that surround them,” say Kerr.

Kerr says that whether people come to The Salvation Army because they don’t have enough food to put on the table, are struggling to pay increasing utility bills, or are facing the imminent threat of being evicted, they come knowing that they are loved and cared for.

“We strive to find solutions to the difficulties people are facing,” says Kerr. “With partners and friends such as Bruce Power we will get through this—together.”