Hunger Relief for Low-Income Family

Posted on 9th March 2015, by
Nicole visits The Salvation Army food bank that reduces her pressures of daily life
Imagine pawning your deceased mother’s wedding ring to pay bills, taking out loans to feed your children, or contemplating putting a lock on the refrigerator to make groceries last as long as possible. “That’s what being poor is,” says Nicole, mother of eight. “And it doesn’t feel good.” Nicole is one of 850,000 Canadians assisted  […]

A Recipe for Recovery

Posted on 9th February 2015, by
Former addict shows others there is hope after addiction
Once addicted to drugs, Susan Small now uses her passion for cooking to inspire others. “If you had met me just four years ago, you would have taken one look at me and crossed the street,” says Susan. At that time, Susan was addicted to painkillers and alcohol, and was facing time in prison. “I  […]

The Dark Reality of Addiction

Posted on 2nd February 2015, by
Salvation Army addictions program helps Babe to face his problems and come up with healthy solutions
Babe grew up feeling he didn’t fit in. By age 12 he was abusing alcohol and illegal drugs to numb the pain of rejection. When, as an adult, he lost two infant children, he couldn’t get past the sadness and his abuse became more of a problem. Babe’s life of addiction was dangerous, destructive and  […]

The Power of a Secret

Posted on 22nd January 2015, by
Salvation Army Booth Centre in Montreal helps men in difficulty break the cycle of addiction
Réjean had an ugly secret. He concealed it to protect a family member—but had no idea the depth of personal harm that would cause. Revealing the traumatic experience was the only thing that could set him free. And the longer he waited, the more destructive was its impact. “At age 12 I was abused by  […]