New Program Aims to Help Young Dads

Posted on 6th February 2012, by
Blake wanted to be a great dad, but would his own childhood experiences hold him back? When Blake was just two months old, his parents realized they would be happier apart than together. While his mom battled addiction issues, Blake lived with his father. “I felt safe and cared for,” says Blake. But at age  […]
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Overcoming Powerlessness

Posted on 3rd February 2012, by
The situation was critical and needed to be taken care of immediately. But, while *Jenny was desperate to break free from her abusive husband, she had nowhere to go. In 2009 Jenny, her husband, and two young children left England for Canada. “*Joe felt it was time for a change,” says Jenny. While the transition  […]
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New Year, New Life

Posted on 3rd January 2012, by
In 2005, a failed marriage and a move to a new community left Petlyn Small with three young children and a truckload of challenges. Her life of simplicity and joy had become one of pain and heartache. Mother, father, friend, teacher, cook, housekeeper, provider—the list goes on. “Being a parent is hard at the best  […]
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Christmas Joy

Posted on 5th December 2011, by
As Christmas approached, so did heartache for Milly. Part-time employment wasn’t making ends meet. Savings were quickly dwindling and she couldn’t provide her children even the simplest of Christmas celebrations. In the spring of 2009, Milly, her husband Robin, and their three sons left a stable life in the Middle East. “We hadn’t planned to  […]
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Hope Stories – Milly

Posted on 5th December 2011, by
As Christmas approached, so did heartache for Millie. But, thanks to The Salvation Army she found the help she needed.
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Rick’s Story

Posted on 20th June 2011, by Salvation Army
From an early age Rick Jackson couldn’t get a handle on his insecurities. Due to his father’s addiction to alcohol, Rick lacked support and reinforcement. He never felt good enough, and became frustrated and angry. His self-doubt and desperate need for attention lead to destructive behavior, and Rick’s problems only got worse. “I did anything  […]
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Homeless Man with Golden Voice is an Online Video Sensation

Posted on 5th January 2011, by Salvation Army His voice will make you sit up and listen. The homeless man with the rich baritone voice, Ted Williams, is an online video sensation with more than 4 million views. And, his fame may have landed him a job. Williams was spotted by The Columbas Dispatch, Ohio’s top news source for local news, standing  […]
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