Summer Camp Transforms Children into Leaders

Former camper, Emily, enjoys the outdoors at leadership camp
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Since the age of six, Emily has attended a Salvation Army camp each summer. Now 16, Emily is joining the ranks of camp staff for the very first time.

“Because of camp, I have life-long friends, improved my low self-esteem, overcame shyness and social anxiety and had opportunities to practice compassion,” says Emily.

“Every year I learn something new,” she says. “From photography to rock climbing to how to run a food bank and show love to others, I’ve learned a lot of useful skills and had many memorable experiences.”

Emily says the most valuable thing she has taken away from camp is her increased sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

“Love and compassion is a big part of learning at Salvation Army camps.”

“In my leadership course, which is part of the camping program, we made and sold crafts to support a children’s home in Africa with books and funds for building repairs,” says Emily. “Love and compassion is a big part of learning at Salvation Army camps.”

This year, Emily looks forward to completing the leadership program and then joining the staff.

“I want to be a person who helps children thrive and develop,” says Emily. “And I want to help them understand the incredible love that God has for them.”

Since 1900, The Salvation Army in Canada has operated Salvation Army week-long and day camps which have impacted hundreds of thousands of children. Last year, more than 4,000 children benefitted from attending Salvation Army camps.