Summer Camp Fosters Personal Growth and Independence

Logan cheers with excitement for summer camp
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Nine-year-old Logan is one of over 4,000 children who went to a Salvation Army summer camp last year. Soon, he will be packing for another camping adventure.

“I love all the parts of camp,” says Logan. “We get bedtime stories to help us sleep better and I learned how to canoe and climb a rock wall. We have campfires and sing songs. After a week of fun and friends, it’s hard to go home.”

Logan’s mom, Tanya, says that without The Salvation Army’s support, Logan wouldn’t get to camp.

“The cost of camp is out of reach for us.”

“Our family can only afford weekend camping,” says Tanya. “That isn’t the same as going to a week-long, sleep-away camp. The cost of that is out of reach for us, so I am grateful to The Salvation Army for helping Logan to have camp experiences that he will remember for life.”

In Canada, The Salvation Army has provided camping ministries to families, children and youth since 1908. When children attend a Salvation Army camp they experience more than a nice vacation. Surrounded by nature, they learn new skills that boost self-esteem and build confidence. Activities help them develop socially and the commitment and character of trained counsellors helps to guide campers in the right direction.

“After a week of fun and friends, it’s hard to go home.”

“My counsellors are really nice and helpful,” says Logan. “And the food is good. I get ice cream for dessert and can sit wherever I want. I have new friends and I like that.”

Camp is an experience like no other with life-long memories and opportunities for personal growth and maturity. It is a safe environment full of positivity and encouragement where everything contributes to personal character.

“Camp challenges Logan,” says Tanya. “His swimming has improved, crafts have boosted his creativity and he loves morning exercise. If he was at home he’d be playing video games.”

In a short, concentrated time frame, camp can change a life. But not everyone can afford camp. To learn more about The Salvation Army’s camping ministries or to help send a child to camp, visit