She Grows Stronger Every Day—Thanks to You!

kenyan child
by The Salvation Army in Canada

How you’re giving a child with disabilities in Kenya a new chance at life.


In April 2020, Naomi’s back was broken in a terrible car accident. The injury left her legs paralyzed and also weakened her arms.


After spending months in a rehabilitation hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, the young teenager enrolled in The Salvation Army’s Joytown High School— one of the few schools in Kenya that provides quality education for children and youth with disabilities.


Through a partner organization, the school can offer medical care to students providing them with therapy, surgical intervention, and orthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, braces, and more.  Naomi’s work with the therapists has resulted in vast improvements in what she is able to do for herself.


Thanks to your support, Naomi is growing academically, spiritually, relationally, and physically.


“I could not move myself onto my wheelchair before. Now I can,” Naomi says. “I could not transfer from my wheelchair or do many everyday things. Now I can. I don’t have to depend on others as much. I am thankful!”