Seniors Program Boosts Mental, Physical and Social Wellness

Seniors Program Boosts Mental, Physical and Social Wellness
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The Salvation Army Sunshine Club was established in Ottawa in 1971 and accommodates seniors age 55 plus. Every two weeks more than 50 seniors gather together in a safe, healthy and happy environment that promotes socialization, information and spiritual wellness.

“Our seniors group is a ‘feel good’ group,” says Winston, 75, who attends the program. “The Salvation Army doesn’t see age―they see people.”
From information about foot care and fall prevention to board games, devotional readings and day trips,  seniors are benefitting socially, mentally, physically and spiritually.
“The program is especially beneficial for isolated and lonely people,” says Sharon Dean, Program Administrator.
“We are like family,” says one participant. “The friends I have made are invaluable.”
“The Salvation Army gives us a hot meal,” says another. “I really like it when I don’t have to eat alone.”

Seniors are valued people who can teach us lessons as important as the programs and services we offer them.