Salvation Army Social Worker Honoured for his Commitment to Mental Health

Social worker, Sidney Philip in Vancouver
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March is National Professional Social Work Month and an opportunity for The Salvation Army to recognize and thank its many social workers whose expertise, dedication and hard work play a critical role in the organization’s ability to help over 1.9 million people across Canada.

Sidney Philip is a Correctional Mental Health Worker at The Salvation Army Harbour Light in Vancouver. In 1996, he received his Masters in Social Work and has worked for The Salvation Army since 2015.

“I work with correctional clients who have been institutionalized for many years,” says Sidney. “When they come to The Salvation Army’s halfway house they have high anxiety from issues such as extreme PTSD, depression, social isolation and fear of public places. Many of them don’t have family supports, are isolated and without connections. Our role is to come alongside them and help them reintegrate into society.”

Sidney’s pursued a career in social work so he could help people such as his father who was an alcoholic.

“I want to help people who are struggling with issues that prevent them from functioning in society,” says Sidney. “There are a lot of uncomfortable topics that clients never talk about. I want to help bridge the gaps.”

Sidney has done extensive training with Correction Services Canada. “Social work is very important in today’s society,” he says, and is a key ingredient to mental health. “I want to assist clients in their social integration. I want them to succeed.”