Salvation Army Qinghai Earthquake Relief

by Salvation Army
Categories: Newswire

A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of
Yushu in Qinghai Province on Wednesday, April 14. More than 400 lives were claimed and 10,000 people were injured.

The local Salvation Army responded with the provision of basic relief supplies that included two tonnes of barley flour and 200 sets of warm clothes and medicines. to Yushu on Tuesday, April 20. To show respect to Tibetan customs, The Salvation Army particularly purchased barley flour for the survivors.

As the weather in the highlands is extremely cold, The Army will also provide folded beds to the survivors who currently stay in tents, but sleep on the ground. The first batch of 6,000 folded beds will be delivered to the affected people this week. The Salvation Army has applied for the HK government’s Disaster Relief Fund to purchase an additional 40,000 folded beds to help the survivors ride out the chilly weather.

The Salvation Army Qinghai Relief has been well supported by the people of Hong Kong, with donation sites at nine shopping centres and the generosity of various individuals.