Salvation Army Offers Children Effective Solutions to Bullying

Boy and girl bullies
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Feb 27 is Pink Shirt Day, when Canadians are encouraged to wear pink to support bully prevention awareness, education and programs.

Bullying is a major problem in our schools and on social media and the Internet. The Salvation Army’s Red Cap Anger Management Program for children offers positive strategies for targets of bullying and for bullies who use anger to control their victims.

“Red Cap is not a bullying class but always involves bullying,” says Major Karen Puddicombe, who has taught the program for over 10 years. “It gives children who are bullied a voice. That’s powerful.”

“It gives children who are bullied a voice. That’s powerful.”

Red Cap is run as a school club for ages eight to 12. Teachers have reported an improvement in class behaviour and in many cases, bullying has stopped all together.

“Red Cap develops confidence,” says Puddicombe. “And confidence gives bullied kids a voice that says, “I don’t have to put up with this, I am worth more.”

The goal of Red Cap is to have participants stop, think and problem solve. Tools learned at Red Cap make it easier for children to manage their emotions.

“These skills will have long-term value.”

The effects of cyberbullying and bullying include increased anxiety, fear for safety, humiliation, sense of isolation, loss of sleep, absenteeism and distraction from learning.

“Red Cap allows students to talk about their feelings and how not to lose control when they are constantly provoked,” says Puddicombe. “These skills will have long-term value.”