Salvation Army Helps to Spread Christmas Cheer at Toronto’s 115th Santa Claus Parade Parade

Salvation Army 130 piece band marches in Toronto's Santa Claus parade
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On Sunday, November 17, to help kick off the Christmas season, a group of more than 130 members of The Salvation Army marched through the downtown core of Toronto as children and children-at-heart lined the streets and braved cold temperatures to see Santa.

“For more than a century, and across Canada, The Salvation Army has taken part in annual Santa Claus parades,” says Commissioner Floyd J. Tidd, national leader for The Salvation Army. “Our involvement is not only an opportunity for us to help spread Christmas joy but a chance for us to thank our supporters and donors, whose generosity helps us to transform millions of lives every year.”

Timbrelist, Cheryl, helps to spread cheer

Timbrelist, Cheryl, helps to spread cheer

Many parade goers, young and old, sang and cheered, expressing their enjoyment of the Army’s participation and playing of Christmas carols. Joining in the fun and excitement of the parade was The Salvation Army’s Canadian Staff Band, young musicians from southern and central Ontario, national and local leaders, Salvation Army mascots, Sally Ann, Bram and Shieldy, and tambourine players, which have become a crowd favourite.

“This was my first time marching in the parade,” says Paige Sharp, who plays the tambourine. “I got involved to see why so many people march for hours in the cold, year after year. The energy I felt being able to share joy and love with hundreds of thousands of onlookers is something I will never forget.”