Salvation Army Helps Saskatchewan Cope with Humboldt Tragedy

Hockey stick on porch in remembrance of Humbolt Broncos
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Last week, a horrific crash claimed the lives of 15 people from the Humboldt Broncos. Within hours, Salvation Army personnel from Nipawin, Sask., were at the local Apostolic church offering emotional and spiritual care as families of the hockey players and community members anxiously awaited updates.

“As time went on it became more evident that the situation was serious and our personnel were able to pray with some folks,” says Major Mike Hoeft, Area Emergency Disaster Services Director. “Over the next few days we participated in prayer vigils, offering a listening ear and support to people who were trying to cope in the aftermath. We just want to be helpful.”

Hoeft says the tragedy touches everyone in Saskatchewan. “We all have had kids in hockey. Thousands of us have ridden the bus. We all have hockey sticks in the garage.”

On Monday night, The Salvation Army church in Nipawin opened its doors for a time of conversation about the accident and people expressed their feelings. “We want to be part of the healing process,” says Hoeft.

“This is a tragedy that isn’t going away. Helping people work through their grief―that will be our role for the next number of days, weeks and years.”