Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief: Update 8

by Salvation Army
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salvationarmy_haiti_update8The Salvation Army continues to work closely with multiple corporate partners and non-governmental organizations to provide food, water, medicine, shelter and other immediate aid to thousands of disaster survivors in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere.

To date The Salvation Army has provided 2.8 million meals, 500,000 gallons of water, 2,900 tents and 1,500 personal hygiene kits. In addition, more than 18,000 people have received needed care from Salvation Army medical teams.

On Friday, February 26, Canada will send 500, 12 sq.m, tents as Haiti’s rainy season is just around the corner. In addition four Salvation Army emergency disaster services personnel from Canada have been deployed and are on the ground in Haiti. Lt-Colonels Gilbert and Marilynn St-Onge (Retired) are providing emotional and spiritual care; Jeff Noel, EDS director for Toronto is providing logistics support; and John McEwan, EDS director for British Columbia is overseeing operations, and finance and administration.

The Salvation Army is committed to determining the best methods for helping rebuild a country that lost so much. The Army is putting plans in place to strengthen Haiti for the long-term.

Long-term plans include:

-Rebuilding homes to make them more earthquake resistant
-Repairing and installing water filtration systems in impacted areas
-Rebuilding schools, hospitals and other buildings that were severely damaged
-Implementing community development projects focusing on income generation for families, childhood nutrition and HIV-AIDS awareness