Salvation Army Free Tax Clinics Help Low-Income Canadians

Salvation Army worker helps client complete income tax forms
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Imagine not receiving benefits for 10 years because you couldn’t afford to file your taxes? Or not filing because you are on disability and barely able to pay for basic necessities? Sadly, this is what happens when you live in poverty and scrape by.

Across the country, Salvation Army free income tax clinics are an important, life-changing service, that helps to improve the lives of families and individuals who struggle to make ends meet.

“By filing taxes, low-income individuals and families gain access to financial supports such as Trillium, GST and child tax benefits,” says Bonita Court, Salvation Army Community and Family Services Director in Kingston, Ont. “Without filing, they miss out on hundreds of dollars of credits and benefits.”

The Salvation Army has operated its volunteer-run tax clinic in Kingston since 1975. Every season, more than 3,000 tax returns are processed.

“I believe that if this service wasn’t in place, people who are struggling financially wouldn’t file their taxes,” says McCourt. “And that would close the doors to them getting benefits and being able to better support themselves.”

In addition to the on-site services provided at The Salvation Army, tax preparers go into nursing homes to assist those with mobility issues and homes of those who are hearing impaired.

“Without the generous support of the public we wouldn’t be able to operate the program,” says McCourt. “As we continue to see large influxes of people needing our help, we often struggle to offset the costs of the clinic. Donations are always welcome.”