Salvation Army Food Bank Eases Anxiety and Food Insecurity for International Student

Prashant. International student from Nepal.
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In August 2019, 25-year-old Prashant came to Canada from Nepal to further his studies. But when COVID-19 changed the world, he lost his part-time job and relied on The Salvation Army to help get him through.
“As an international student, I had a lot of pressure budgeting for education, rent and food,” says Prashant. “I worked at a fast-food restaurant to make ends meet. When the virus came, I had no job.”
Food insecurity was weighing heavily on Prashant’s mind when the Non-Resident Nepali Association reached out to The Salvation Army in Scarborough, Ont., on behalf of Prashant. 
“When the virus came, I had no job”
“I needed food,” says Prashant. “I was humbled by their warm welcome and whole-hearted support. Help from The Salvation Army relieved me mentally.”
Each month, the Army’s community and family services help more than 300 families with emergency food, clothing, furniture vouchers and emotional support. 
“In Nepal, I was a licensed engineer,” says Prashant. “I came to Canada to study business analytics. I had no family and eventually couldn’t afford to buy a variety of food. The Salvation Army allowed me to choose what I needed—items I could never afford to buy. Their help relieved my anxiety and gave me peace of mind.”
The Salvation Army’s kindness motivated Prashant to extend help to others.
“Their help relieved my anxiety and gave me peace of mind”
“I want to thank The Salvation Army for recognizing and supporting me as part of their community,” says Prashant. “I was overwhelmed by their warm welcome and, in the future, want to extend my helping hand to others who are struggling.”
This Thanksgiving, consider the thousands of Canadians who are food insecure. With your help, we can give them peace of mind and supplement the groceries they can’t afford to buy. 
By Linda Leigh