Salvation Army Fights Child Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Salvation Army combats child poverty in Congo
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Recent studies show that there are 400 million children living in extreme poverty around the world. The average person in a developing country lives on $0.78 CAD a day. This can contribute to child labour and create generational poverty traps.

          “My name is Akole. I am in the 4th Grade at Ngabidjo Primary School. After the death of my parents during the war, my uncle, who is in the military, agreed to take care of me. He brought me here to Kinshasa, but unfortunately he had an accident and died. The Salvation Army brought me in and now I can study. Thanks a lot to The Salvation Army.”

child poverty akoleIn the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), poverty is just one of many complex issues in the country. The recent, prolonged, civil wars have compounded life problems and caused distress for millions. Children have been especially impacted, with many being orphaned, losing their education and malnourished through poverty and neglect. Psychological trauma also takes its toll — loneliness, fear, deep feelings of loss. Many children have been snatched by rebel forces and made child soldiers.

The Salvation Army is host to seven schools in DRC, which the Brighter Futures Sponsorship Program assists through the generosity of our donors. Mingomba attends Flambeau Primary School and has suffered a great deal. He is watching his mother slowly die from HIV/AIDS. She is a single parent; her husband died of HIV/AIDS and is not able to work. There is little money for necessities and none for an extravagance like school fees. Oscar, along with 14 other children at Flambeau P.S., are regularly attending classes and working hard for a brighter future through assistance from our donors.

         “My name is Mingomba. I am in the fourth grade at Flambeau Primary School. My father died with HIV/AIDS. My mother, also infected with HIV/AIDS, takes care of me but she is too weak to work and unable to pay my school fees. Through The Salvation Army, I am equipped to attend school and study in good conditions. Thanks very much to The Salvation Army and donors.”

Child poverty Mingomba Oscar story 3 - CopyThe Salvation Army’s Brighter Futures Children Sponsorship Program allows you to assist vulnerable children and their families. As a sponsor, you help break the cycle of poverty by providing children and their families with basic necessities, such as water, sanitation and hygiene training, school fees, uniforms, text books, nutritious meals, medical needs, and sustainable economic programs for families.

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