Salvation Army Expands Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Salvation Army worker gives supplies to survivor of Hurricane Dorian
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More than two weeks after Hurricane Dorian delivered devastating blows to two of the major islands in the Bahamas, The Salvation Army’s relief efforts have expanded to help with the growing need. Working closely with the Bahamian government, The Salvation Army is providing support that includes supplies and emotional and spiritual care.

The Salvation Army Bahamas hurricane response team has:

  • distributed 150 pallets of relief goods that include water, food, hygiene supplies and baby items
  • served over 2,200 individuals with food parcels and clothing
  • provided shelter and hot meals to evacuees
  • distributed over 300 hygiene kits

“The Government of The Bahamas is very supportive of The Salvation Army’s relief efforts and has expedited the process for personnel and supplies to enter,” says Major Clarence Ingram. “We continue to work closely with NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) to ensure that relief supplies reach those in need as quickly as possible.”

The Salvation Army has had a strong presence in the Bahamas for over 90 years. We will be involved not only in the immediate response to Hurricane Dorian but in the long-term rebuilding efforts, which are expected to be three to five years in duration.


The Salvation Army continues to meet the needs of evacuees and persons beginning to build their lives as they return home. As the needs and responses shift, The Salvation Army, in partnership with NEMA and other relief agencies, remains committed to assessing and evaluating where they can help best.

To date, The Salvation Army Bahamas hurricane response team has:

  • distributed 510 pallets of relief goods (water, food, hygiene supplies, baby items)
  • supported more than 5,500 individuals in Freeport with food parcels, water and clothing
  • supported over 450 people in Nassau with food parcels and clothing
  • distributed more than 1,400 meals, 1,700 articles of clothes, 145 cases of water, 400 hygiene kits to non-Salvation Army shelter evacuees
  • made numerous trips to Abaco to distribute relief commodities throughout the island.