Safe House Provides Support and Security to Women and Children

Women and children fleeing abusive homes find safety and security at The Salvation Army
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B.C. – When women and children flee abusive homes, The Salvation Army’s Kate Booth House in Vancouver offers immediate shelter and support.

But that’s only a temporary solution and after 30 days they have to move on. One of the next stops for some is the Army’s Esther’s Place, a 4-apartment safe house where families can stay up to two years.

Esther’s Place — which receives no government funding — is where women who became homeless, single parents overnight can get the support to secure a job, get training and find a new place to live.  “Kate Booth is crisis intervention,” says Captain Jennifer Hillier of The Salvation Army, “and Esther’s Place is a bridge from an old life that was damaging to a new life of safety and security.”