Retired Businesswoman Finds Purpose through Volunteering

volunteer hands at a keyboard doing office work

Michele is one of more than 130,000 volunteers who give the priceless gift of time and skills to help The Salvation Army reach more people in need. “I’m a retired corporate buyer,” says Michele. “Volunteering gives me a lot of satisfaction and I always go home feeling like I’m walking on air.”

Michele attends a women’s friendship group at The Salvation Army in Agincourt, Ont. When a request came for extra assistance in the church office, Michele jumped at the chance.

“Volunteering gives me a lot of opportunities to help people.”

It was during the Christmas season of 2018 that Michele began to volunteer by helping to organize the Army’s red kettle volunteers and answering enquires on the phone. Today, when needed, she works in the office filing, scanning, organizing, distributing mail and directing people to the food bank.

“I get excited about volunteering and get ramped up,” says Michele. “Volunteering gives me a lot of opportunities to help people.”

Michele recalls a gentleman who didn’t own a winter coat. She brought in some of her husband’s gently-used winter wear. Another lady didn’t own a pair of jeans. She had recently found herself destitute and living in a van. “I bought her a pair of jeans,” says Michele. “It was nothing to me but gave her a little bit of hope.”

“It feels good to have a purpose.”

The Salvation Army serves some of the most vulnerable people in Canada. When you volunteer with us you make a difference not only in the lives of others, but in your own life journey as well. Many volunteers find a new sense of belonging, learn new skills and build connections within their community.

“Volunteering keeps me active and takes away the loneliness of being at home,” says Michele. “It feels good to have a purpose.”

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