Rescuing Refugees Fleeing War in Ukraine

Ukraine salvation army
by The Salvation Army in Canada

Your support is giving hope to desperate and displaced people in Poland.


Last February, we watched in grief and horror as the cruelty of war displaced millions of children, women, and men in Ukraine. The nightmarish scenes of desperation and suffering were unimaginable and heartbreaking—but we also witnessed hope.

“The Salvation Army has a long-standing presence in Ukraine and neighbouring countries,” says Lt-Colonel Brenda Murray, director of The Salvation Army’s international development department in Canada. “Because we were already part of these communities, we were ready to respond immediately to the crisis,”

Within a few weeks, Canadians nationwide raised more than $1 million to help people impacted by the crisis. In Poland, where there are more than 2.3 million Ukrainian refugees, your support immediately provided them with nonperishable food items, clothing, hygiene kits, transportation, and counselling services.

“We continue to pray for all affected in Ukraine, Russia, and the surrounding countries who are receiving people as they flee for safety,” Lt-Colonel Murray says. “We will continue to support the international Salvation Army as it reaches out in love to all affected individuals. With the numbers of refugees who have fled to other countries, our assistance will probably be long-term with development projects and other partners to help people rebuild. We are going to do whatever we can.”

Thank you for supporting the work of The Salvation Army. Your generosity plays a vital role in helping refugees find hope in such desperate times.