Paying Hope Forward


Brian* has never forgotten his journey, and how our community of supporters at The Salvation Army helped him along the way. Today, he shares some of his story and why he decided to become a Brigade of Hope monthly supporter.

Several years ago, I was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. That led to me being homeless. The Salvation Army provided me with clothes and shelter. I was on the streets for two years, and I could visit the soup kitchen for food whenever I needed it.

When I recovered from my addiction and received help for my mental health issues, I finally got my own apartment. The Salvation Army thrift store helped me out, and so did the food bank, while I worked to get back on my feet.

When I was lacking or didn’t have enough money to afford my basic needs, The Salvation Army helped out. Now I am a monthly donor. I always said when I had the chance, I would give back to those who helped me in the past.

“I was completely lost, and The Salvation Army stepped in.”

I’m very grateful. I want to give other people the same opportunities I had to change my life. I was completely lost, and The Salvation Army stepped in. I am so appreciative for the help that I received.

*Name and photo have been changed to protect their privacy