Pathway of Hope Program Helps to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Pathway of Hope infographic

One in 11 Canadians live in poverty, and The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope Program provides intensive case management to individuals and families who desire to have increased stability and hope.

“To break the cycle of poverty, The Salvation Army partners with individuals and families to develop a customized plan and take action to address root-cause issues and barriers,” says Claire Dunmore, territorial integrated mission secretary. “The most significant barriers to the Pathway of Hope participants at intake are employment, income, housing, food and child care.”


Michael came to the Edmonton Centre of Hope after losing his full-time employment and needing one-on-one support. He had goals of education, volunteering and employment. Currently, Michael has completed several training sessions to update his employment skill set and has volunteered regularly with The Salvation Army’s community meals on Friday mornings. Michael has also been able to apply for a variety of employment opportunities and has successfully graduated from Pathway of Hope.

In January 2019, Marion and her three children joined Pathway of Hope in Hamilton, Ont. While seeing progress on her goals, Marion sustained a stroke, which put her in the hospital for several months. During this time, the Pathway of Hope caseworkers and spiritual care providers kept her positive and upbeat throughout her recovery. The visits from staff provided a link to a support network and community resources as she regained strength and was able to reach another goal of having her children engaged in helping at home. The family has become increasingly stable, and Marion credits much of her success to the help she received from the Pathway of Hope team.


Pathway of Hope was introduced to Canada and Bermuda in 2016 and has continued to show growth and success across the territory.

  • 58.5 % of the goals set in Pathway of Hope have ended in successful achievement in an average of four months
  • 200+ goals have been set through Pathway of Hope since 2016
  • 160+ households have been served that include more than 375 Individuals, 210 of whom are children
  • from 2018 to 2019, the number of enrolled participants increased by 145%

“The goal of Pathway of Hope is to strengthen communities by providing a network of support, spiritual care, a sense of community and responding holistically to the needs of the people we serve,” says Dunmore. “Built on the foundations of CARE, COMMUNITY, CHANGE and HOPE, Pathway of Hope gives us the opportunity to work alongside individuals and families who want to improve their life situation.”