Nobody Wants to Be a Food Bank Client

by Salvation Army
Categories: Blog

In an affluent society like ours, people don’t want to have to seek food assistance. For many Canadian’s experiencing difficulty, it’s humiliating and they only do it when they are absolutely desperate. They park their dignity—their pride—at the door to get food.

There are heart-breaking stories of parents not wanting their kids to know they went to a food bank because it was embarrassing. When unforeseen economic struggle quickly turns to crisis, reluctantly asking for food gnaws away at human dignity and dignity is something everyone really wants.

According to Food Banks Canada 2.7 million people will experience household food insecurity at some point this year. Unforeseen economic struggle can very quickly turn to crisis. Salvation Army reports show the need for food banks and feeding programs to be greater than ever. Currently, the Army operates more than 275 food banks and feeding programs from coast to coast. The majority of clients who visit don’t want to be there. It’s essential that they obtain adequate food, with dignity.

People’s lives change when they’re treated with dignity.