New Program Helps Kids Learn Cooking Skills in Moncton

program participant creates unique and fun sandwich using pickles and cheese
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The Salvation Army in Moncton, New Brunswick, has a new summer program to teach children about healthy eating and kitchen safety. Each Tuesday, up to 15 children attend “Kids in the Kitchen”, where they learn to make nutritious meals and low-cost snacks.

“We work to create quality programs in Moncton, especially for kids during the summer months,” explains Natasha Burkett, executive director. “This new program is a fun and exciting way to teach life skills and provide mentorship and support to parents while the children are out of school.”

“They are excited to learn”

The program is held weekly during July and August. During the two-and-a-half hour class, children learn tips on food preparation, healthy eating and kitchen safety.

“The first week we started by getting the kids to design their own aprons to get them comfortable in the kitchen and assess their skill level before we started making recipes. We wanted to develop a program where they are excited to learn and be in the kitchen.”

Each week the children learn how to cook a different recipe. To date, they have made banana muffins, monster sandwiches and walking tacos. They even made their own butter in mason jars.

“Learning these skills really empowers the kids,” she explains. “We ask for their input when we plan the menu for the next week. Being involved makes it even more exciting for them.”

“It’s important for families to know we are here to help”

The Salvation Army in Moncton works to provide outreach programs for children and youth every summer. In addition to the Kids in the Kitchen program, they provide additional programs such as distributing snacks in community parks every Friday.

“Every summer we work to find creative ways to connect with kids and support families while kids are not in school. It’s important for families to know we are here to help.”