National Tour Traces Descendants of Immigrants Sailing on the Empress of Ireland

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Do you know if your ancestors came to Canada onboard the Empress of Ireland? Would you like to know more about this Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s ship?

May 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland where a large number of Canadian Salvationists lost their lives.

In the year leading up to that anniversary “Site historique maritime de la Pointe au Père” (SHMP) will tour Canada to trace down descendants of immigrants who came to Canada onboard the Empress of Ireland. That tour will begin with an exhibit in the museum at The Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters May 27-31, 2013.

Here you will learn everything about the fascinating, but tragic story of the great ship that disappeared in 14 minutes, including a visual stand showing the ship, documents, passengers list, and rarely seen footage of the underwater wreck.

As the exhibit travels across Canada, Mrs. Pascale St-Amand, project manager, will be on hand to answer any questions. She will also keep a record of information and details visitors share with her regarding the hundreds of stories from immigrants who adopted this country at the beginning of the 20th century. Come tell your story!