Moncton doctor returns from mission in Haiti

by Salvation Army
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In the midst of devastation, Dr. John Li saw hope.

Although he saw plenty of heart-wrenching cases, what struck him the most was the strength of the people, the depth of their faith, and their ability to cling to hope even in the worst of conditions.

“What I found is the people there, they are very poor, but I can see that they have hope, which is good,” he says. “I think most of the people I saw have a strong faith and you can probably see that on TV. This is holy week and people were praising and dancing in the street.”

Li says he met one woman, a single mother in her late fifties, whose only child was in her last year of medical school in Port-au-Prince. Li says it was obvious the woman was not very well off. Read full story…

Source: Times&Transcript