March Break Camps are More than Memories

Young female participant enjoys snacks at March break camp
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March break is the perfect time for children to escape the pressures of school and life and enjoy a change of pace. This week, across Canada, many Salvation Army centres are hosting March break camps, where children can enjoy activity-filled days in a safe, inclusive environment.

“Kids benefit a lot from attending camp,” says Courtney McLeod, camp coordinator. “A camp experience is more than memories. It’s transformative.”

McLeod, a former camper herself, has worked with youth for years and is excited to be organizing a March break camp at The Salvation Army in Hamilton, Ont. Throughout the week activities, crafts, games, and electives such as drama, video production and jump rope will build confidence and foster creativity, social skills and better communication.

“Camp is a place where negatives can turn into positives,” says McLeod. “Children with behavioural issues learn to control their anger and actions. Others build confidence by learning new skills. Others who struggle socially develop leadership abilities. Camp is about creating memories and more.”

Research says that some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem solving. All of these areas are developed in the camp environment.

“Camp was the best part of my whole year,” says one participant. “My confidence has improved,” says another. “I learned how to trust again,” says another. “I want to come back and be a leader,” says another.

“See? Camp is great,” says McLeod.