Make a Charitable Gift and Improve Your Income Security

Ann Dutton invests in annuities with The Salvation Army
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For donors, 60 years of age or over, a Salvation Army charitable gift annuity not only enables them to make a donation that supports the work of The Salvation Army, it provides a safe, secure stream of income for life that is largely tax exempt and often has a better return than GICs or Bonds.

“I have three annuities with The Salvation Army,” says Ann Dutton, 82. “My annuities give me that extra income to help meet my monthly expenses such as property taxes and car costs.”

Throughout the years Dutton has developed a great respect for The Salvation Army and the work they do.

“During the Second World War I lived in England. The Salvation Army provided hot drinks and snacks to the soldiers who spent hours on the train to reach their destinations,” says Dutton. “The trains weren’t heated so the gesture meant a lot. And I’ve always admired The Salvation Army’s commitment to helping people affected by disaster, such as the Haiti earthquake.”

Today Dutton lives close to Charlottetown, P.E.I., where The Salvation Army has an active presence in the community by providing services such as a food bank, shelter, drop-in centre and breakfast program.

“I’m impressed by The Salvation Army’s desire to help others,” says Dutton. 

“When you consider donating to The Salvation Army we offer a number of attractive options whereby you can make a significant gift that will benefit vulnerable people in your community and suit your financial situation,” says Lois Flemming, The Salvation Army’s Director of Major Gifts and Legacy Giving.

“The Salvation Army has grown to be one of Canada’s largest non-governmental direct providers of social services. The extent of our reach is only possible through your generous support,” says Flemming.

“It feels good to give to a cause you care about,” says Dutton. “There are a lot of struggling people who need help.”