Join Adrian in the Brigade of Hope

Adrian and his family sit on bench at theme park
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“I came to Canada in 2014, from the Philippines, and I worked in a call center that focuses primarily on nonprofit organizations,” says Adrian Enciso. “The first charity that I learned about was The Salvation Army.”

The more Adrian learned about the mission of The Salvation Army and the hope it gives to marginalized individuals and families, the more he was drawn to its cause.

“The Salvation Army really stands out,” he says. “They have amazing programs and services that really fit the needs of the homeless, the most vulnerable members of our community. And they genuinely care for people. I fell in love with The Salvation Army.”

“Let’s support The Salvation Army and just make this world a better place.”

For years, Adrian and his wife occasionally supported the work of The Salvation Army financially. But he knew he wanted to do more.

“The Salvation Army is very close to my heart,” Adrian says. “And there’s definitely a great need to support and sustain their programs on a monthly basis. So, I talked with my wife and said, let’s do it … let’s become monthly donors.”

Adrian and his wife joined the Brigade of Hope monthly giving program, and he encourages others to do the same.

“There are so many things going on in this world—pandemic, war. While we’re living on earth, let’s support The Salvation Army and just make this world a better place.”