How You Can Change a Life This Christmas

Salvation Army Christmas volunteer brings hope in the midst of brokenness
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In high school, Robin’s distorted self-image lead to an eating disorder. Today, at 21, she has turned her life around and this Christmas season is volunteering with The Salvation Army to help others find strength during some of their most difficult days.

“Christmas is a happy time for many people, but for those living in poverty, the stress of not having enough money to buy gifts or plan a family dinner can be devastating,” says Robin. “I understand pain and suffering and by volunteering I’m able to let people know there can be hope in the middle of brokenness.”

Robin, a social work student, says that when she learned that some of her friends struggled with insecurities as much as she did, her focus went from never believing she was thin enough to becoming a pillar of strength for her broken friends.

Why Volunteer?

“My parents had always instilled in me the importance of looking out for others,” says Robin. “The Salvation Army is known well for doing good work and I wanted to be a part of it.”

At The Salvation Army in Markham, Ont., more than 250 vulnerable families will receive help this Christmas. From grocery store gift cards to toys to warm and trendy clothes, Christmas will become a better memory for those who have met with hard times.

“When I had the opportunity to take my mind off my own personal issues, I began to heal,” says Robin. “I feel that same sense of peace and relief when The Salvation Army offers a single mother the opportunity to choose toys to put under the Christmas tree or provide warm clothes that makes a low-income child feel valued.”

Take Action Today and Change Someone’s Tomorrow

Selfless giving is something we all have access to, no matter who we are or what we do. Sometimes we think our actions and giving back are simple, but they can be incredibly powerful in changing a life.

For information on volunteering with The Salvation Army, click here. The action you take today, could change someone’s tomorrow.