Giving Tuesday―a Day to Give Back

Giving Tuesday

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now there is Giving Tuesday, November 27, a global movement where families and individuals are encouraged to give and volunteer.

Referred to as “the opening day of the giving season,” Giving Tuesday reminds us to take time during the busyness of Christmas to remember the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are affected by poverty, such as Leena.

After 14 years of marriage, Leena’s husband abruptly left the marriage. Suddenly, she was a single parent of two, drowning in debt and finances.

Leena at cooking class

Leena at cooking class

“It was Christmas and I didn’t have money to put a turkey on the table,” says Leena. “I came to The Salvation Army in Markham, Ont., for help. I was embarrassed and could barely make eye contact. I’d always been the giver. Now I was asking for assistance.”

The Salvation Army provided Leena with food vouchers to ensure her family would have a Christmas dinner with all the fixings, toys for the children and gifts for herself.

“I want to thank The Salvation Army for their non-judgmental and continued support,” says Leena. “They helped me survive a crucial time in my life.”

After Christmas, Leena learned that The Salvation Army provided a weekly cooking and life study class.

“The cooking class helped me learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget and the life study class helped me stay positive and handle difficult situations,” says Leena.

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without The Salvation Army,” says Leena. “I was sad, depressed and hopeless. The Salvation Army showed me light and lifted my spirits. I’m thankful for an organization that really cares about others.”

When you donate or give of your time to The Salvation Army you are providing vital help to people in need. Every donation has the potential to improve someone’s quality of life. Donate now