Giving the Gift of Hope at Christmas 

Two young ladies at fruit stand
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“A Gift of Hope is more powerful than you can imagine,” says Lt-Colonel Brenda Murray, director of world missions. “An item such as a goat or pig can be life-changing and helps break the cycle of poverty.”

The Salvation Army World Missions department helps marginalized communities around the globe through an ethical giving incentive, called Gifts of Hope. This program allows you to choose from categories that range from farming and education to health and communities. Each gift improves the lives of vulnerable people by providing food resources, clean water and sustainable income.

Mrs. Niansala’s Story
In Sri Lanka’s Polonnaruwa District, The Salvation Army World Missions department implemented a five-year project that allows people, women in particular, to establish livelihoods and improve economies. It began by ensuring people had access to clean drinking water. To date, The Salvation Army has built 13 wells. “The wells were partially funded by the gift of water and sanitation, which is offered through Gifts of Hope,” says Murray. “As soon as the community had access to safe water, you could feel their happiness.”

The next step was to provide education so the community could use the clean water to grow healthy fruits and vegetables, whereby they can feed their families and sell the produce for income.

Mrs. Niansala was one of the 80 women who received agricultural training and business skills through the incentive. “I’m grateful to The Salvation Army for giving me hope,” she says. Through the lessons, she learned how to prepare soil, plant seeds, use fertilizer, and maintain fields and harvest, which has enabled her to purchase a vehicle to sell her produce in other villages.

“The gifts we receive work together in a holistic approach,” says Murray. “The generosity of our donors continues to empower vulnerable individuals around the world.”

Making a Difference
This year, the World Missions department has updated their catalogue, offering new incentives such as eco-friendly resources and disaster relief, which will be used in future projects around the globe. If you are interested in giving a Gift of Hope this Christmas, visit