From Running a Business to Relying on a Food Bank

What Yolla Found at a Salvation Army Food Bank
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Yolla had a successful business in Dartmouth, N.S. Then, when manufacturers increased their prices, sales declined and she was forced to close her store. Today, she receives support from The Salvation Army and is grateful that she doesn’t have to face life’s challenges alone.

“When my business closed, I was devastated,” says Yolla. “Suddenly, I had no income. The bills needed to be paid and I lost everything―my house, furniture and self-worth.”

Meanwhile, Yolla and her family of five moved into a small apartment and she secured a part-time job. But, making $12 an hour, she could only provide a limited amount of food and could no longer afford school supplies or clothes for her children. That’s when she turned to The Salvation Army for help.

“The Salvation Army said, ‘Anytime you need assistance, come and we’ll help you,’” says Yolla. “That gave me a lot of hope.”

At The Salvation Army Yolla receives a food basket and has been provided with back-to-school items and clothes for the children.

“Sometimes my son sees me crying and says ‘Mommy, what happened to you?’” says Yolla. “I feel awful when I can’t even give him $5 for pizza at the school cafeteria because I need that money for gas to get to my job.

“I worked hard to build my life. Then, just like that, everything was gone. I never thought I would have to use a food bank.

“When I go home with a box of food from The Salvation Army and see my son smile, I am happy.  I struggle now to provide, but I am a strong woman and will rebuild my life.”