Financial Stress Affects Kids

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Salvation Army Report Reveals Fallout of Recession on Canada’s Youth

Imagine telling your kids “We can’t afford that” or “We have no money” or “We can’t pay the rent.”  All it takes is one major setback to leave people in serious and lasting financial trouble.

Financial stress trickles down and affects the children. A report just released by The Salvation Army shows that families who were hard hit by Canada’s 2008-2009 economic recession continue to cut out expenses deemed unnecessary, like a child’s involvement in community activities, so that bills and rent can be paid, and food can be put on the table.

SA_Canada_Youth_Report_2013-1Affected families search for safe and free programs for their children.  According to the Army’s study, since the recession, the demand for services has increased in 55 percent of Salvation Army youth programs.  And in today’s somewhat stable economy there are still those in crises. In the last year alone, those same programs reported a further 51 percent rise in youth looking for services.

The Salvation Army is committed to easing the pressures that exist among society’s most vulnerable. For instance, families on tight budgets can’t afford to provide their children good breakfasts every day. Salvation Army school breakfast programs across the country are providing nutritious meals that result in children being more attentive, improved classroom performance, and better overall general health.

“There are always needs to be met in the community,” says Lt Joshua Downer of The Salvation Army. “It is our mission to find the gaps that are being overlooked or forgotten and jump in!”