Ending Poverty, One Family at a Time

by SalvationArmy.ca
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Vulnerable families prosper when they are treated with respect and dignity. More than ever, as the gap of income inequality increases and the cost of living goes up, families face a number of obstacles.

From unemployment to financial instability to stressful family relationships, The Salvation Army offers support in as many areas as possible.

Salvation Army programs across the country include:

  • Sally Ann’s Healthy Eating Kitchen (Vancouver, B.C.): Parents learn to cook healthy, affordable meals for their families.
  • The Baby Closet (Newmarket, Ont.): Provides resources such as diapers and baby food for parents under financial restraints.
  • Summer camps (Various provinces): Families struggling financially can send their children to camp for a week.
  • After-School Programs (Various provinces): From breakfast feeding programs to literacy classes, we’re helping children reach their full potential.

The Salvation Army helps people at their breaking point. As needs evolve, we are working to provide families with the resources and encouragement necessary to overcome challenges.