Election issue No. 1 – Law and Order

by Salvation Army
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It’s official. Canadians will head to the polls May 2 for the fourth federal election in seven years.

Several issues are expected to dominate the campaign. One being Law and Order. Topics for debate include added new criminal offences, expanded prisons, and changed sentencing laws.

As it relates to justice, The Salvation Army takes an alternative approach to crime. They focus on rehabilitation and restoration rather than retribution. The Salvation Army practices Restorative Justice formally in some of its ministry units, while restorative principles are prevalent in all correctional and justice ministry.

Through the principles of Restorative Justice people take responsibility for the impact of their behaviour on other people. A forum is provided allowing victims, offenders and other affected parties to share their perspectives on the harm that has been done and suggest what is required to make it right.

This allows closure and provides resolution to conflict.