Delivering Christmas Hope

Marg stocks food shelves for Christmas hamper program
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Marg James, 64, knows the heartache and stress that comes with having limited funds, and feeling the pressure to provide Christmas dinner and gifts under the tree.

“One incident changed the course of my life,”says Marg.

“I needed help and The Salvation Army was there.”

In her mid-30s Marg was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease where nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. Not long after, she discovered her husband was cheating on her with the babysitter. Suddenly a single parent, the transition seemed impossible.

“The Salvation Army connected me with programs to help me cope and get parenting advice,”says Marg.

“They also provided me with a shoulder to lean on and Christmas assistance.”

The Christmas hamper Marg received from The Salvation Army meant her children wouldn’t go without.

“I didn’t have money for extras such as a Christmas dinner or toys under the tree. I was so grateful.”

Today Marg volunteers with The Salvation Army in Brantford, Ont. Throughout the year you’ll find her at the food bank sorting and stacking food items and building relationships with clients. At Christmas she registers families for assistance, packs hampers and distributes toys.

“Volunteers such as Marg help us extend our reach to those in need,”says William Ratelband, community and family services coordinator.

“They restore smiles to faces, develop relationships and show respect to people doing their best in difficult circumstances.”

“Volunteering with The Salvation Army allows me to connect with those who struggle, hug them and let them know that someone cares. I feel great joy in giving people a hand up,”says Marg.

“It also keeps my mind and body going. If I wasn’t volunteering, MS would take control and I’d be sitting in a wheelchair doing nothing.”

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